Prix with a Silent X

My internet name is Prix, and to my horror I realized that virtually no one made the connection that it is "Prix" as in "Grand Prix" and not "PriX" as in "Trix are for Kids!" Well, now you know.

Welcome to my general purpose landing page / website.

Prix | she/her | 28 | Southern American | Christian | Compassionate Progressive | Fanperson

BYF / DNFI / Expectations

I am a very multifandom person, and my interests tend to be a revolving door on any platform I'm on. I like both live action and animated series with the occasional game or other medium in there. While much of what I do online is about fandom and media response or analysis, I don't really "brand" separately and it is interspersed with real life commentary/venting, occasional political or charitable push/action/information, and anything else I feel like discussing.

I follow back pretty easily, but I don't do it every time. If your feed is full of a lot of NSFW stuff, even if I don't find it personally objectionable, I may not follow you because I tend to kill time on twitter and such in mixed company. I will not follow you if you are antagonistic toward any minority or marginalized group. I won't put up with racism, homophobia, transphobia, or other kinds of bigotry. This is with a reasonable disclaimer that everyone has things to learn, but persisting in ignorance on purpose isn't an acceptable lifestyle choice to me when it is hurting other people.

While I understand a great many frustrations with organized and professed religion throughout the world, you and I will not get along if you blanketly disparage any specific religion or all religion in general.

In spaces where fanfiction is posted, I do my best to comment on anything I finish reading. I like to encourage happy levels of reciprocity. This doesn't just go for fandom but feels relevant. I am a firm believer that while we do not "owe" anyone our time, explanations, and so on, I also think that reciprocal relationships are very important to harmonious social interaction.

TL;DR: I like the Golden Rule.

Forever Faves

No ownership of artwork, official or fanart, used above. If I'm using art that belongs to you and you want it taken down, contact me with source link and I'll comply. If you just like fanart and want the source link, I'll be glad to help you find it, too, to the best of my ability.

Fandoms / Interests

Not a comprehensive list necssarily, but stuff I'm into now or am usually into.

Live Action
Doctor Who Agents of SHIELD | MCU | Captain America | Guardians of the GalaxyCarmilla DCTV | Arrow Leverage The ExpanseWhite Collar Leverage | The LibrariansStargate SG-1 Star Wars
Fate | Kara no Kyoukai | Type MoonSteins;Gate | Robotics;Notes Puella Magi Madoka Magica YuGiOh Duel Monsters Avatar: The Last Airbender Young JusticeDisney | Lilo & Stitch
Portal Skyrim | Fallout NV | Bethesda Games and how buggy they areMagic The Gathering Arena The Sims 4Youtubers: Mike Jeavons, Ashens, Quinton Reviews, Todd in the Shadows, Rap Critic, Lindsay Ellis, Glam and Gore, Gabbie Hanna, Jackie Aina, You Suck at Cooking, LittleKuriboh, Crash Course | Vlogbrothers, ContraPointsPodcasts: Myths & Legends, Lore, most stuff by the Parcast NetworkThe concept of Alternate Reality GamesMusicals/Musical Soundtracks: Hamilton, Wicked, Come From Away~Literature~: Shakespeare, Lolita, The Great Gatsby, wanting to read morePoetry | Song LyricsPhilosophy | Language | Religion | Mythology


While I do still have a tumblr and don't plan to nuke it unless they do, I'm pretty disappointed with what great lengths they have gone to show that they don't care about their primary userbase or good-sense moderation. Therefore, I won't list my tumblr here. Other stuff is fair game, and if you wonder if I have another service use these to ask.


A place to credit things I use that aren't mine if it's inconvenient to do it on-site.